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Winters Grip

Winters Grip This story is meant, in hopes, to paint a picture for you, what things look like in the off-season. And to show an appreciation and understanding of nature, in the midst of Winters Grip. If you have had a chance to visit Alaskan Adventures lodge it was most likely pretty favorable weather with […]

The future of salmon

Future of Salmon in Alaska By Dan Paull If you watch the news or pay any attention to things happening in the natural world, it may come as no surprise that our planet is changing. One thing is for sure, in the last 50 years it seems as if we are watching things change before […]

A River In Time

A River In Time By Jeff Woleslagle He woke oddly refreshed and for the first time in a week, his back didn’t hurt when he rose from the bed. “You were dreaming again George” Nancy said, as he walked into the kitchen. He reached for the coffee pot to fill a mug already waiting on […]

Topper Popper Sheefish

For as long as I can remember sheefish or Inconnu have been a wonder to a lot of anglers looking for something different. I think the wonder is the fact that there is not a lot of places in the world where you can catch sheefish. That topped with there are not a lot of […]

Sheefish On the Holitna at Alaskan Adventures Lodge

When the word Alaska comes to mind, I’m sure you are immediately thinking about snowcapped mountains, big brown bears catching salmon in the river, bald eagles, and even wales in the ocean. Although these are iconic images of Alaska if you were to look even deeper Alaska has a lot more to offer to the […]

Top Water Pike

Pike fishing on the Holitna River is some of the best that Alaska has to offer. Or at least I have been told many times by guests. The waters around Alaskan Adventures lodge on the Holitna River consist of a wide variety of environments. From landlocked lakes to oxbow lakes that are connected to the […]

Sheefish-the most unique species

Probably one of the most unique species we fish for at the lodge would have to be the sheefish. The only native to five drainages in the north Alaskan Adventures sits on the banks of the Southern Most river, the Holitna River. It’s here that we stage our daily fishing adventures. With the main lodge, […]

Cast & Blast!

Our area of Alaska has an absolute ton of freshwater. We are situated on a big river and all around are oxbow lakes and small marshy potholes all over the tundra making for ideal breading and summer habitat for all kinds of waterfowl. All summer long as we are running the river, we see an […]

Fifteen New Pending IGFA Records

It’s no secret that in 2019 we set 12 new IGFA records with Vicki Martin as the angler. Vicki is a very talented angler that has made it her goal to travel the world and set world records mainly with conventional tackle. She and her husband are a team that is very organized and focused […]