Alaskan DIY hunt

Unguided DIY Hunting

This is for an unguided Moose, Caribou and/or Black Bear Hunt with excellent fishing. The great advantage of this location is a well stocked remote private lodge, (great shelter) in a heavily populated game area. You can run this river system for hundreds of miles. It’s beautiful water… unbelievable country! The list of the clothing/equipment to bring is much the same as the guided hunts except as noted below. 

What to bring on your Alaskan-Adventures DIY / Unguided Hunt

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  • Hunt/Fish Description: (Depending on Season)
    • Waterfowl – Duck Heaven 
    • Fish: King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Northern Pike, Sheefish, Grayling.
    • Hunt: Moose, Caribou, Black Bear (Cannot hunt other types of big game animals unguided per regulations).
    • Black Bear can be shot on a Caribou or Moose Tag. Any tag can be used for equal or lower value animal.
  • Alaskan-Adventures provides the following when staying at the Holitna Lodge:
    • Five sleeping cabins; one main lodge; sauna/shower cabin, generator, propane
    • Freezer
    • Kitchen ware, eating utensils
    • Staples: Flour, sugar, salt, pepper, coffee, tea, cooking oil, beans, rice, and miscellaneous food and spices.
    • Twelve boats/motors-this includes 40 gallons of gas per party of four. (After that it is $6.00 a gallon, includes oil).
    • Guide tents, sleeping bags-(however for those going on field trips, for personal comfort we suggest you bring your own) sleeping bag pads
    • Camp stoves, misc. camping gear (If you choose to camp upriver on an extended trip).
  • Alaskan-Adventures DOES NOT pay for the following:
    • Round-Trip Airfare to Anchorage 
    • Any overweight meat haul/or freight
    • Game bags, knives, saws, guns, ammo. Please purchase official Alaska Game Bags prior to your trip. Order online and have them sent to the Holitna Lodge – Alaskan-Adventures PO Box 90 Mile 36 Sleetmute, Alaska. We suggest the following bags: AMP7 Alaska Pack – 7 bag package which includes bags, tags, and gloves. This will handle 2 Caribou or 1 moose. The MEC460 4 pack will handle one animal and the ATB3648 is great for cape/hide transportation.
    • Caping or Packing of meat
    • Medical or Personal Injury Insurance
    • For our refund policies see the “hidden costs” page.

Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!