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Hidden Costs About that Alaskan Trip!


Please read all the following before you make your final decision no matter who you book your fishing or hunting “trip of a lifetime” with. Important. Most of this data was gathered prior to the increase in gas prices. I would advise that you double or triple any travel costs that involve fuel. In fact all other prices were compiled in 2006, so the true costs will be higher today.

Hidden Costs

Most clients who are looking to make that dream hunting or fishing trip to Alaska are not aware of the many hidden costs. After much thought and research we have decided to give you a better understanding of what may happen to you and has happened to thousands of excited hunters and fishermen who have come to the great State of Alaska. They probably still had a great trip but much of it may have been spoiled by some of the hidden costs that often occur.

Many lodges and Air Taxis are not able to stage in areas that are as remote and wild as we can where Alaskan-Adventures is located. Unlike us, these lodges are situated in hunted and fished out locations. You may be doing little more than booking a sight seeing trip when you book with them. And that sight seeing trip may not include much of Alaska’s awesome wildlife. This is especially true of the many Kenai River fishing packages.

On heavy fish days it is estimated that there are as many as 8,000 fishermen or more fishing the main fishing spots on this river and due to the glacial silt, only certain spots on this river where it meets fresh water streams are productive and naturally it is elbow to elbow. This river is easily accessible by highway and everyone from Anchorage to Seward to Homer fishes the entire Kenai River system. It is difficult to catch fish and the cheap packages offered invariably wind up costing a lot more than you planned and often without seeing wild game or catching many fish!

You will frequently be steered to in-house guides, pay extra for better lodging or food, and the Kenai River is green, full of silt, and you can’t see into it more than a couple of feet! Rocky knows what he is talking about. He used to live on this river as a child. If you are going to Alaska, why not see awesome wildlife, beautiful scenery, clear remote rivers, yep the Real Alaska!

Hauling of meat, horns, and cape is often charged at the same rate and higher. You might be charged for game bags, wax boxes, dressing, stripping, cleaning, packing, preparation, and storage of this meat.  Other hidden costs may include meat processing and shipment to your home. Trust me, there is nothing better than eating wild game that you have harvested, but you need to be prepared for the actual costs involved so that you will not be upset when this occurs. Being surprised by hidden costs however is wrong and causes resentment. At Alaskan-Adventures we know this. We do not profit on the transportation of meat for our clients. This includes loading and unloading of meat, peppering meat, hanging meat in our meat house, packing meat in a wax box with liner, and scheduling and loading meat in a plane for ultimate transportation to Anchorage.

Alaskan-Adventures has hot showers, laundry facilities, home cooked hot meals, bathrooms with flush toilets, and cabins for your use even by the unguided hunters when they are not at their drop camps. Our drop camps are strategically placed where we feel you have an excellent chance of success and they are well equipped. We scout constantly to find good locations and look for where the animals actually are. Each year they seem to use different routes. Once you return to the lodge fishing is available for very reasonable fees for unguided hunters, and is included in the package when you book a guided hunt. A hot shower, comfortable beds, and a warm lodge are priceless to the weary hunter. We even have satellite phones available. We may have more repeat business than anyone in Alaska because of what we offer and the amount of service we provide.

We also try to provide you more information and resources than anyone through our web site so you will be prepared for this special trip. Alaska is awesome and we want you to have an awesome time.

We are the only lodge we know of that will modify your hunting or fishing package after you arrive at the lodge. Sometimes people get to our lodge and want to expand their trip when they see all the opportunities.

We are possibly the only lodge or certainly one of a select few that will work with clients that are unable to come on a scheduled trip. Once lodges reserve slots that are paid for, then a cancellation often leaves them unable to make up that revenue and on top of that the costs incurred to the lodge remain almost the same. Guides, pilots, and staff are hired based on projected numbers of guests and they remain on payroll. Rooms, equipment, food, etc. are reserved and purchased in anticipation as well. Alaskan-Adventures does not refund in this situation. BUt we will work with you to resell or, if possible, carry over the trip to another year, We Strongly encourage trip insurance! This is a generous policy and protects our client(s) investment, even though in the long run it results in a loss for us. Think of it this way. If you bought an expensive seat to a basketball game and couldn’t make it would you expect to be offered a similar seat at another game for free! Won’t happen! Alaskan-Adventures goes the extra mile to be fair and is because we are committed to satisfying our clients.

Sometimes though, even with the best laid plan things just don’t work out and the fish or animals don’t cooperate or the weather doesn’t oblige. We will still do our best to show you a great time but refunds aren’t given on the basis of that rare trip that didn’t turn out the way a client may have envisioned it. In all cases, refunds or credits toward another trip is at the sole discretion of Alaskan Adventures. I will make this promise however. I will do my best to give you a great rate and work twice as hard on your next trip to get you that big fish or trophy animal you wanted! And we advise anyone that travels to Alaska on these types of trips where weather can greatly impact the ability to complete a trip or enjoy, again I recommend trip insurance.

You will need to pay roundtrip airfare all the way from your home to the operator’s lodge. A good rule of thumb is that if you can drive to or fly commercially to an operator’s lodge from Anchorage, then it is a sure bet that there will not be first class fishing or hunting available at the lodge. Good areas for fishing/hunting that can be driven to or reached easily by common commercial means are packed! Therefore, for you to experience first class Alaskan fishing expensive fly-outs will be necessary. Please understand that if you can drive there or fly there cheaply, so can everyone else in Alaska. These are tourist traps, and they are crowded, and over fished. This is not the “Alaskan Experience” you deserve.

You may want to figure in extra food or meals eaten before you arrive at the Holitna Lodge or after you leave. There are some outstanding restaurants in Anchorage. I highly recommend Gwenies for breakfast. Their Reindeer Sausage is delicious. For dinner I recommend the New Millennium Restaurant. I particularly like their Halibut Beer Batter Chips and they also serve a wonderful Caesar Salad. Both places offer a taste of the local cuisine.

A fishing license is approximately $55.00 for 14 days. A hunting license is approx. $85.00. Tags for each animal vary and are in addition to the licenses. Non-resident tags are approx. $225 for Black Bear, $325 for Caribou, $400 for Moose, $425 for Dahl Sheep, and $500.00 for Grizzly/Brown Bear. Any tag can be used for a lower priced animal tag. None can be used singly or in combo for a higher priced animal tag.

Once you are at the Lodge you can relax and enjoy yourself but extra expenses can occur. If you decide to expand your trip to do more things than originally planned we will work hard to accommodate you but there may be extra fees. All licenses and tags can be purchased at the Lodge.

This is a service industry and tipping is expected, although no one from Alaskan-Adventures will ever ask or suggest a tip or an amount. The Alaskan Adventures manager collects a staff tip which he distributes.

If you need to ship personal equipment or gear to Alaskan-Adventures they can be shipped to the Holitna Lodge: Alaskan-Adventures PO Box 90 Mile 36 Sleetmute, Alaska 99668.

Of course you will need to figure in gifts, clothing, extra equipment, pictures, and mementos, etc., but that is very individualized process and I will leave that up to you.

Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!