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Our guests have a great time! Here are some comments from among thousands of letters we receive…………..

Success stories of hunting and fishing in Alaska! We produce! Read what our clients say!

  • President George Bush, Sr.President Bush Sr.with Rocky

    Dear Rocky,

    You sure gave Jeb and me a great time last week. OK, we lost some fish, but we caught a lot more and did a lot better than those two huge Austrians……. Here is a souvenir photo signed by two presidents, one is your new grateful friend.

    George Bush, Sr.

    President of the United States

  • General Chuck Yeager, Fastest Man Alive, Mr. Supersonic, A True American Astronaut.

    Rocky, I have been fishing on rivers all over the world. This is the best river fishing I have ever experienced………….!

    General Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager

  • Archie Dunham, President, CEO Connoco Oil, Houston TX

    Rocky, I have been to Alaska for the last 6 years, and I will always include the Holitna River in my future visits. It has been the best river for fishing that I have found in Alaska…..!

  • “Alaskan-Adventures, probably the greatest experience this man has ever been through. Surpasses the World Series and All Star Game, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart…”

    Dave Dravecky


    San Diego Padres

    San Francisco Giants

  • Dear Rocky & Sharon,

    Truly the most fabulous fishing, fellowship and food that I have ever seen!!! Thanks for the best times in my life!!

    Bill Norman

    Bill Norman Lures

  • “Alaskan-Adventureshas become my annual trip for enormous fun and fellowship with the other guys! I cannot imagine a more relaxing and beautiful location, nor have I been treated any better than when I am with Rocky up in the great Alaskan wilderness. I look forward to this week every year!”

    Tim Burke


    Montreal Expos – All Star

    New York Yankees – All Star

  • “I hope you will be able to go to Alaska and have the joy of fishing with Rocky–It’s an experience you’ll never forget. Both my sons and son-in-law had a wonderful, wonderful time…”

    R. H. (Bob) Hawkins

    Chairman of the Board

  • “Simply put, it was unforgettable! Personally, it was the most fun I’ve had in many a year. I hope to do it again. More importantly, I hope that our paths continue to cross.”

    The Honorable Robert Seiple

    US Ambassador

  • “Alaskan-Adventures is a grand experience. It’s a synonym for physical relaxation, for emotional refreshment, and for quiet and meaningful reflection. Deep and lasting relationships are nurtured in the easy-going atmosphere that accompanies the beautiful scenery. I’m addicted!”

    Chuck Swindoll



  • “The best combination of fishing, hunting and fellowship this man has ever experienced!”

    Mike Moore


    Oakland A’s

    World Series

    All Star Game

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Dave Dravecky:

Ken Davis:

Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!