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King Salmon- Rod Reel Fishing

Battling King Salmon on a Rod is an unforgettable experience.

We provide the following fishing gear and lures or similar for Fishing for King Salmon.

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  • Casting Rod/Reel: Lamiglas G1318T or G1316T and Shimano TRN 200 G
  • Spinning Rod/Reel: Lamiglas G1319 and Penn 650 or 850SS
  • Dai Riki Monofilament 30 or 36 lb. test or Maxima Monofilament 20 or 25 lb.
  • Extra line
  • Leader Wheels 46 lb. Dai Riki or 30 lb. Maxima
  • Rosco Snap Swivels Size 5 or 7
  • Pencil lead 1/4″
  • Pixee 7/8 oz. Hammered Brass/Orange, Hammered Nickel/Red
  • Spin-N-Glo Kits Size 2 or Size 0 Pink, Flame, Pearl/Red
  • Hot Shot 025 Orange, Silver, Blue Pirate
  • Magnum Tadpolly Nickel/Blue, Red, Nickel
  • Magnum Wiggle Wart
  • Krocodile 1 3/4 oz chartreuse or chrome
  • Tee Spoon #5 and Skagit Special #6
  • Vibrax Spinner Size 6 Silver, Silver/Red
  • Mepps Giant Killer
  • Single Siwash Hooks 3/0 4/0
  • Hook File
  • Lure Box
  • Fishing Vest or Hip Pack

Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!