King Salmon

Battling King Salmon on a Fly Rod is an unforgettable experience.

We provide the following fly fishing gear and lures or similar for Fly Fishing for King Salmon.

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  • Rod: Lamiglas G1298-9 or G1299-9
  • Reels: SA System II 1011 or 89
  • Extra Spool
  • Fly line backing 30 lb.
  • Teeny 300 and Wet Tip Lines
  • Tapered Leaders 16 and 20 lb. tippets
  • Dai Riki Leader Wheels .017 and .019
  • Twist On Lead & Split Shot
  • hook File
  • Fly Box
  • Outrageous 4/0
  • Crazy Charlie Purple Pearl 4/0
  • Polar Shrimp 1/0
  • Teny Nymph Size 2 Pink, Flame, Black, Ginger
  • Alaskabous, Pixees Revenge, Showgirl Size 1/0
  • Wiggle Tail Orange or Pink Size 1/0

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