MIT – Mechanics in Training

Intern Description – Mechanic    

Intern Description – Mechanics who apply for this intern position will develop extensive knowledge of standard outfitter equipment. Alaskan Adventures needs sharp mechanics. 

You will learn how to repair and use a bulldozer, 2 tractors, many small motors, generators, 3 planes (can learn from best Alaskan plane mechanics).  We service 20 boats, a saw mill, plus lodge and out-building maintenance as well as repair and maintenance on all types of fishing equipment.  We have great workshop, tools, welding equipment.  

A very challenging and interesting place to achieve and learn. You will likely learn more skills here than at any standard mechanic workshop. These new skills will help you in all phases of life and prepare you for many rewarding career paths in this field.

Partial List of Mechanic Intern Program Goals:

  • Current Red Cross approved CPR and First Aid cards
  • Learn to operate and provide maintenance on a bulldozer
  • Learn to operate and provide maintenance on 2 tractors
    Learn to operate and service several generators
  • Learn to operate and service 4-wheelers
  • Learn basic building maintenance for main lodge and out-buildings.
    Learn the basics of Alaskan bush plane mechanics and maintenance (we have 3 bush planes on site)
  • Learn to sort equipment and organize movement of supplies
  • Repair and maintain various types of fishing and hunting gear including rods, reels, boats, motors and rafts
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the care of fish and wild game
    A servant’s heart and disciplined attitude toward guests
  • A willingness to help wherever needed.

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