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DIY Hunts

Unguided Moose, Caribou, or Black Bear hunting combined with excellent fishing is staged from either our Holitna Lodge or from one of our registered field camps. The great advantage of our locations is a well stocked private remote lodge in heavily populated game areas. You can run rivers for hundreds of miles in unbelievable game country. Click here to see all the varieties of animals and details about each that saturate our area. We also offer Unguided Hunting and Fishing combo packages.

We provide all tents (guide tents) and sleeping bags (although to be honest, I suggest for personal comfort you bring your own sleeping bag). We provide pads, food, cooking utensils, stoves, backpacks, & all of your necessary equipment for a successful safe trophy hunt.


DIY Hunts

We are well equipped to launch boats and planes from our private air strips at our primary lodge. We have a dozen river boats and well maintained motors for those who enjoy the Alaskan river hunt. When the river hunting is hot, there is almost no more exciting hunt, and the pack is usually only a few feet!! Big game however are unpredictable. That is why we have a well maintained landing strip at our lodge allowing us to move you quickly with our Super Cubs to mountain or interior hunting. If you book a river hunt and for any reason decide that you want to go on a fly out to a spike camp we have devised a program to assist you.

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DIY Hunts

From the owner…”Challenge yourself to an unguided hunt on our Alaskan rivers where the pack can be from the edge of the river to your boat! For the hardy, let us take you to the mountains or foothills where spotting and walking rule the day. River hunting or mountain hunting, we commit to placing you to the best of our ability so you have the best chance for success.” River hunts allow you much more movement and you are also more in charge of when you want to break camp and return to the lodge.

Many old timers in Alaska prefer river hunting over all the rest. As you can see, each type of hunting or fishing package offers its own special charms. At the camp sites we supply guide tents, sleeping bags, (although I do suggest you bring your own sleeping bag for additional comfort), food, camp stoves, cooking utensils, and miscellaneous camping gear to insure that your camp is fully supported. Fly bys and routine checks are a standard part of our policy. We want you to enjoy the wilderness but also feel secure.


Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!