Alaska Fishing or Fish-Hunt Combo

Sport fishing in Alaska Rivers and Lakes is legendary. The very names of some of the Alaskan Sport fish you may catch generate visions of adventure, Alaska Fishing Paradise! Our rivers feature: King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink and Chum Salmon, world class Sheefish, Arctic Char, Grayling, Dolly Varden and some of the best Northern Pike fishing in Alaska. The Holitna River and tributaries are highly rated and listed in the state’s top 10 Alaskan Rivers for fly-fishing or lures. We are in very remote, untouched Alaska – many weeks we never see another boat or fisherman. Amazing and Affordable.

Alaskan-Adventures holds five world line records in Northern Pike & Shee-Fish, fishing the Holitna. This remote river is much less frequented by Alaskan sports fishermen. It is truly untamed Alaska full of tremendous wildlife and sport fishing diversity. I invite you to experience the Holitna, guided or unguided.

For the “do it yourselfers”, the unguided trip is a great way to enjoy Alaska!

THE HOLITNA RIVER LODGE is located 200 miles SW of Anchorage in the core of Alaska bush country and is on a spectacular waterway with hundreds of miles of river to fish and hunt from. This river contains more species of Alaska sports fish and salmon than almost any other system in Alaska. Nice 50″ pike on the right!

In 1984, Sharon and I set out to provide fishing and hunting trips to refresh and restore Busy Executives. Our first base of operation was a 200 acre camp, my parents helped establish in 1960. We were located in the town of Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula. We floated past McDonald’s and battled thousands of other fishermen. On high fish days there could be up to 8,000 fishermen per day on the Kenai River!)

Finally, we moved! Hint…Buyer beware if you are looking at a crowded Kenai River trip offer! Lake Clark was better fishing for awhile; it was beautiful and away from the crowds–back to the way Alaska was when I was a little boy. How excited to get away from crowds and over-fished waters. Soon other lodges began appearing. Lake Clark was the answer for many years. However, the politics of sport fishing pitted us against native issues, commercial fishing and subsistence netting. The introduction of Federal and State Park Systems brought about an endless series of regulations enforced by zealous Park Rangers. Eventually there were more enforcement agencies than fish!

Several summers ago, all Alaskan Salmon fishing was closed to the sport fishing and lodge owners in the Bristol Bay System. People planning trips a year prior were clamoring for refunds and caught in a problem not of their doing.


Once again, like the Alaskan Migrant Caribou, we moved to greener tundra. We currently stage fishing/hunting trips from our best lodge yet, The Holitna River Lodge. We are strategically placed in the “Heart” of Alaska. There are no other lodges in our area!! We bought a lodge on the Holitna years ago & upgraded it surpassing our prior luxury facility at Lake Clark.

We now have a 2,200 foot runway for our Cessna 185 and our Super Cub, 3 duplex cabins, 4 private cabins, 20 boats, a beautiful garden and a big “Alaskan” main lodge. Our cooks, pilots and guides continue to give you that warm Alaskan hospitality! Yes, we have hot and cold running ladies…oops! I mean water. We are about as remote as you can get. The fishing is outrageous! Click here to see all the varieties of fish and details about each that our area offers. Many times we go all week on our river system and do not see another boat.

Excellent fishing can be combined with unguided Moose, Caribou, or Black Bear hunting and is staged from either our Holitna Lodge or from one of our registered field camps. The great advantage of our locations is a well stocked private remote lodge in heavily populated game areas. You can run rivers for hundreds of miles in unbelievable game country. Click here to see all the varieties of animals and details about each that saturate our area. We also offer Unguided Hunting and Fishing combo packages.

We provide river and raft trips to new and often untouched waters. Yes, it is harder to get to the Holitna Lodge, but it is truly an Alaskan Adventure! The best news is our prices!! 20 years ago we charged $2,500 for a week of fishing. I believe that our 2009 year special is better than our original $2,500 fully guided Alaskan Fishing Week! The special includes one or more of the following: Scheduled fly-outs, River Raft trips which are a $1,000 dollar value themselves, Reduced pricing on flights to the lodge from Aniak/Red Devil, and Guided fishing and gourmet grub from our beautiful Holitna lodge. In part this is a big “Thank You” to the many, guests we have fished over the years. You can see why they keep returning! Call for special pricing.

  • Length/Type of Fishing

    5 days guided fishing** King Salmon guided fishing slightly higher.

    7 day float trip – unguided***Includes rafts, food, fly-out, and loads of adventuresome possibilities!

    Best Bet! Plan a late season Hunt/Fish Combo!

    Alaskan Fishing License (14 Day)

    **Note: Prices don’t include excess weight/fish/meat haul. Commercial flights can be arranged through your favorite travel agent. See Resources page for more info.
    ***Note: Guide fees: (When available: $300.00 min per day per boat)
  • Price

    $4,595.00 (Includes Guides)


    Save $$ – Priced per Request!!

    $55 approx.

    See possible extra costs page for more information
    Certain guided trips may include air fare from Aniak, Red Devil or Sleetmute to the Lodge, approx 400.00 Value.

Alaska, USA’s largest state yet remote from the main continent, offers a spectacular wilderness to experience. Thoughts of Alaska evoke dreams of larger-than-life scenic outdoors. These aren’t wisps of imagination. They are supported by incredible hunting & sport fishing experiences. All can be yours! Moose! Interior Brown Bear! Caribou! Wolverine! Wolves! The hunt of a lifetime!