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Alaska Fishing

Sportfishing in Alaska Rivers and Lakes is legendary. The very names of some of the Alaskan Sport fish you may catch generate visions of adventure, Alaska Fishing Paradise! Our rivers feature: King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink and Chum Salmon, world class rare and exotic Sheefish, Arctic Char, Grayling, Dolly Varden and some of the best Northern Pike fishing in Alaska. The Holitna River and tributaries are highly rated and listed in the state’s top 10 Alaskan Rivers for fly-fishing or lures. We are in very remote, untouched Alaska – many weeks we never see another boat or fisherman. Amazing and Affordable.

Alaska Hunting

A Guided Hunt, Unguided Hunt or combo “Fish and Hunt” with registered Alaska Hunting Guide Rocky McElveen can make you one of the few and fortunate ones able to reach the remote areas that are home to Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Alaskan Timber Wolf. Using high-powered planes, our Cessna 206 and Super Cub with tundra tires or floats, we are able to track and position the select few who truly want Alaska trophy hunting. Our spike camps are carefully scouted and selected to produce quality Alaskan hunts. Hunting in the Alaska Wilderness is only the beginning of your Alaskan Adventure.
For those who are unable to hunt the mountains or hills, we feature boat or raft trips down remote rivers that allow those who want a great hunting adventure and opportunity without the strenuous physical requirements of a hill or mountain hunt.

One of our raft trips with MLB Mike Moore produced a possible world record interior grizzly. Rafting or floating down these untouched rivers is a remarkable way to surprise game along the river banks.

Fish / Hunt Combo

Combine great fishing and hunting. Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Alaskan Timber Wolf, or any combo for your customized…….Alaskan trophy fish/hunt trip.

Alaskan-Adventures has a fishing and hunting lodge perfectly placed in the heart of big salmon & wild game country letting them stage moose, black/brown bear, guided, unguided caribou hunts & fishing trips in remote untouched heavily populated trophy game areas unlike any other hunting, fishing lodge in Alaska. Moose, Trophy Caribou, Grizzly, Brown or Black Bear hunting heaven!

This incredible moose rack was taken by a happy hunter with Alaskan Adventures.

Photo & videos Gallery

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Rocky, I have been to Alaska for the last 6 years, and I will always include the Holitna River in my future visits. It has been the best river for fishing that I have found in Alaska…..!

Archie Dunham, President, CEO Connoco Oil

Rocky, I have been fishing on rivers all over the world. This is the best river fishing I have ever experienced………….!

General Chuck Yeager

Dear Rocky,

You sure gave Jeb and me a great time last week. OK, we lost some fish, but we caught a lot more and did a lot better than those two huge Austrians……. Here is a souvenir photo signed by two presidents, one is your new grateful friend.

President George Bush, Sr.